Thursday, November 19, 2009

Collaborating with a Partner

One awesome thing about devising is that so many people get to contribute to the process of creating  a play.  Our ensemble mixes up the work process so that we all do activities as individuals,pairs, and one large group.  

Here we are working in one large group

We did a sequence of partnered activities recently that helped us develop tactics for our characters.  Exploring multiple tactics can really help us flesh out a scene.  It's more interesting to watch a character struggle to get what they want when they try to get it in different ways.  

We began this sequence by pairing up and doing some basic mirroring warm ups.

Then we explored tactics by using an exercise called complete the image.

Partners worked through the skeleton of our story, creating images from specific moments.

Sometimes, making a frozen image with your body can really clue you into aspects of a character or moment that you don't expect.

These discoveries become very helpful as we move into playwriting . . . 

Another discovery we've made is that sometimes 
sugar + teens + creative work = giggles

Jorge and Kristal trying to keep it together . . .

Juice Packs: 1   Ellie: 0

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