Friday, April 22, 2011

Changing Lives @ Peter Pan Mini-Golf!

The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble has been hard at work touring our production ofReach Out, Speak Up throughout the Austin Area. Since November, our ensemble has performed for over 3,000 people!

After all this hard work, we thought it was time to have FUN
in a different kind of environment.

Here we are with our new friend, the T-Rex

Tommie, Lina & Darryl before the match begins

Nicole & Darryl pose thoughtfully

Kristal, Nicle, Lina & Joe goofin' out on the turtle!

The youth in our ensemble have fun doing just about anything together. Having the experience of being an ensemble has created connections between us that go beyond our jobs as a theatre group. We're all really good friends too!

If you know of any creative, motivated youth who would enjoy doing what we do, please tell them about upcoming auditions for our summer company.
Contact nitra@theatreactionproject for more info!