Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being Creative is Hard Work!

As we continue shaping our performance piece, we are faced with so many decisions.  Anybody who has ever tried to place a pizza order for a big group of people knows that finding consensus while keeping everyone happy can be very difficult. 
So how do we do it?!?!!?

We start by focusing our minds and our bodies with weird exercises like this one.

balanced body = balanced mind

We try our best to keep major creative decisions open to the group.  These decisions range from logistical questions like, "what should our logo look like?" to "what choices can we make about the characters in the play to explore a particular issue?"

Here, ensemble members vote on a font for our new and improved logo design.

When we're done making 'business decisions' for the group, it's time to move on and make decisions about the play we are working on.  Right now, we're focusing on building complex characters and uncovering their motivations: the reasoning behind their actions. 

Can you spot the "mean  girls"? 

Here, ensemble members (Bonnie, Vanessa & Eliana) improvise to flesh out some of our characters.   In this scene, 'Alyssa'  is involved in a bullying situation.  

Improv is a great way to create a performance without a script. We take turns playing different roles in short scenes.  Later, we grab elements like lines of dialogue or moments of action that work well and insert them into the written draft of our script.  Our new flipcams help us capture these scenes for later review.  Thanks for the cameras, SafePlace!!

Here, 'Alyssa' (this time played by Eliana) is comforted by her BFF 'Tasha' (played by Kayla.)  

Thanks for tuning in!  

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