Friday, November 12, 2010

Changing Lives All Over Austin

The ensemble's last two performances are making headlines! Our new play raises questions about the isolation young people can experience. It also takes a stance on bullying and cyber-hate. Check out this news video featuring our anti-bullying work at the No Place for Hate Youth Summit. See ensemble member Stephanie Loza's interview at the address below.

Our performance at the Ann Richards School was also a huge success!

We performed our play for an intimate audience and had some great conversations about bullying. Take a peek at some of these photos of our ensemble as they perform for an audience of young women at the "We Are Girls" Coference.

Melissa and her Boyfriend each reflect on
her jealousy and wonder "what will happen next?"

In this scene, "The Rocket" is pressured by his friends to harass the new kid.

A teacher wonders why the new kid is having such a hard time fitting in.

In this scene, a father reaches out to his daughter,
who is feeling isolated at her new school.

More news to come about our December 9th sharing at the Griffin School!