Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We ROCKED the 2010 Summer Showcase!

Congratulations to the members of our ensemble for making our 2010 Summer Showcase a huge success. This Saturday marked the culmination of our 5 week intensive program where our students shared their work at the Vortex.

Our work was centered around themes of teen relationships -- including teens' relationships to technology! Check out some photos from our performance below!

"What Should I Do?"

Addie plays Danielle, torn between her love for Jen
and her feeling that something has changed in her since they
started dating - and not for the better.

DJ plays the role of Ryan - a friend of Danielle's who recognizes
Jenn's behavior as unhealthy and asks his basketball coach for advice.

Olga also plays Danielle -- this monologue piece featured 11 actors playing 3 roles!

"Time to Act Now!"

We found folks with musical talents, so we incorporated a hip-hop piece into the program. This song tells the story of a relationship gone bad and calls teens to action and help peers in unsafe relationships!

Chris plays some pretty sweet phrases on his guitar!


Our students wanted to address some
assumptions adults have about young people.

Tim's character objects to being called a "thug."

Ofelia's character hides her insecurities.

Arturo's character says, "people make assumptions
about me because they only see the negative and not the positive"

These characters take their power back by shedding the labels society
has placed on them and sharing the identities they claim for themselves.

"Town Hall Meeting"

Tasha-Laqua-Lafrita-Quita-Rita Martinez-Chang
(Cassandra) reports live from the town hall meeting.

Kayla plays a local politician lobbying for a law that
would make cell phones illegal for anyone under the age of 18.

These guys aren't buying it!
(from L to R: Esta, Aless, Sam, Gus & Moises)

Grandma (Lina) goes into a tizzy when someone explains "sexting."

If you'd like to see more super-cool photos of this event, please visit TAP's flickr page:

Stay tuned for info about auditions for our 2010-2011 ensemble!