Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CLYTE @ the Con Mi Madre Conference!

We are moving along with our touring season and with a month of performances under our belt, we are looking to take March by storm!

If you've been investigating our process, you know that we're not the type of folks who feel like our work is done once the curtain goes up. Touring a show is a great way to further develop our play. By visiting different kinds of audiences, we can see different moments resonate. For our actors, each performance brings new insights into their characters.

Inviting the audience into our process is a great way to create dialogue about the issues we deal with. Recently the ensemble had a performance at the Con Mi Madre Conference. We presented Perhaps Tomorrow . . . to a group of young Latinas and their mothers.

The post-show talkback was very engaging. This was our first audience comprised of mothers & daughters. Con Mi Madre is a bilingual organization and the conference coordinators offered to translate during our talkback. Luckily, we have several bilingual students in our ensemble who were more than happy to answer questions in Spanish and English!

Ensemble members spoke on what it's like to be a good teen ally, reminding the audience that larger movements toward social change can begin with everyday actions. Things that may seem insignificant: saying hello to someone who usually sits isolated at lunchtime, refusing to laugh at a sexist joke or even calling your friends out when they cross a line can be brave first steps against oppressive behavior.

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