Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reading at the Griffin School

Congrats to the ensemble!!

Our reading at the Griffin School was a smash hit!  Families, friends and community members joined us on December 10th for a sneak peek of our work in progress.

Vanessa reads the role of Lola - our play's blogstress extraordinaire and narrator

Students focus intensely as Remandra reads

After the script was read aloud, we received some very helpful feedback from our audience in a talkback.  In the theatre world, talkbacks are a form of structured dialogue between artist and audience.  People on both sides of the performance then discuss issues in the play, explore ways to clarify our writing and get to learn a bit about the creative path that leads us there. 

These kinds of conversations can give the artists great insights about the audience's experience of the piece and guide us through the next steps.  More on our revision process to come !!